Candace Guidance Signage Ltd. was founded in 2001 with core business in sales and installation of carpets and tactile markers.

Candace is the exclusive distributor in Hong Kong for 『SINCOL』 which is one of the largest interior product manufacturers in Japan. 『SINCOL』 products includes Carpet sheets, tiles;Vinyl sheets, tiles and Nosing.

Candace also exclusively represent HEARTBUILD Tactile Marker and KD KANDASU Floor Materials in Hong Kong. In addition, Candace owns a brand name of 「CANDACE HB」 for the product of her Stainless Steel and PVC Tactile Indicators.

Candace has successfully completed many major projects in Hong Kong such as Government Headquarters, Government Schools, Universities, MTRC/KCRC Rail Stations, Science Parks, Cyber Ports, Disneyland, Sky Plaza and Asia World EXPO Exhibition Centre…

Candace specializes in quality floor products and provides professional services to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers.